-or- The FTC Made Me Do It.

While the primary focus of Home Studio Mix Tips is to inform and educate, this site is also monetized in a few different ways.

Provided you don’t have an ad blocker, you’ll notice a few ads around the site, served by Google Adsense.

I’m a member of the Amazon Associates program, meaning any links to products on Amazon tie to my account, and I get a percentage of any sale made.

Whenever I review a product, I specify at the bottom of the article whether or not I got early access, was given a copy for free, was in a beta program, or any other such suchness. If I don’t mention anything like that, then I bought the product like anyone else, and reviewed it of my own volition.

Finally, any videos I upload to YouTube, which appear in Home Studio Mix Tips articles are monetized with ads as well. Hey, what’s the harm in making a couple bucks on the side?

All of this said, the primary focus of Home Studio Mix Tips is to bring value to you and your recordings. Monetization is secondary, and never will an article or product be posted just to make a buck. My reviews are honest, so if I don’t like something – I’ll tell you. 🙂