My 5 Favorite Recording & Mixing Blogs


I’m constantly trying to learn, and (more importantly) apply what I learn. All the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you’re not actually putting those lessons into action.

My blog here is young, and I certainly have some large-scale plans going forward. If you’re following along, thank you so much for giving me a shot! Things are a little bare around here, though, so I want to give you some other great resources, from whom I’ve learned a lot of what I do in my own productions. Since we’re coming up on Thanksgiving here in the states, I wanted to give a thankful shout-out to 5 awesome blogs and web resources to help you (and myself) in the home studio.

1. Graham Cochrane (The Recording Revolution)

I won’t lie, Graham’s been a huge inspiration for me to start Home Studio Mix Tips. He’s been blogging at The Recording Revolution for a few years now, and his content is top notch. He’s an excellent teacher, and a great dude all-around.

Links: | YouTube

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2. Joe Gilder (Home Studio Corner)

Joe and Graham go together like bacon and eggs. Joe’s been running Home Studio Corner for about as long as Graham’s been at TRR. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a Studio One user like me (*raises fist in solidarity*). Joe’s based out of Nashville, and in addition for HSC, he runs the Home Studio Corner VIP section, his mostly-weekly Ask Joe podcast, and has several awesome products available on learning

Links: | YouTube

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Bonus: Simply Recording Podcast

Graham and Joe both run the Simply Recording Podcast. It’s a great resource where the two pal around, discuss both the abstract thought processes, and the concrete practical advice to get you making more and better music. Put on an episode in the background next time you’re tidying up the studio: you won’t regret it.

3. Warren Huart (Produce Like A Pro)

Warren is an absolutely marvelous producer, recording engineer, mix engineer, and all-around great guy. Oh, and he’s British, and his accent makes him sound smarter to silly Americans like me. Warren has a very impressive resume, having worked with Ace Frehley, Aerosmith, The Frey, and more. The bulk of his efforts go into his YouTube channel, but he also hosts a blog, a podcast, and the Mix Academy. Warren’s YouTube channel is full of very practical and actionable tips and advice, whether it’s recording acoustic guitars, vocals, using compression, how patchbays and consoles work, and even entire mix/production breakdowns. He also does a good number of interviews with lots of pros in the industry, from giants like Chris Lord-Alge and Tim Pierce, to people I’d never heard of, but I’ve definitely heard their work on tons of my favorite albums. Pick any of his YouTube videos at random, and you’re bound to learn something. Finally, the Facebook group based around Warren’s channel and site is full of the some of the kindest, most generous, sharpest, and all-around cool guys and gals on Facebook. In my humble opinion, it’s hands-down the best group on Facebook for anyone in mixing, recording, production, and songwriting.

Links: | YouTube

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4. The Pro Audio Files

The Pro Audio Files has several contributors. David Glenn Kulp, Matthew Weiss, Mark Marshall, just to name a few. The far majority of their work focuses more on the mixing side, but make no mistake: they have resources for production, arrangement, mastering, and recording, and all in different genres. Metal, hip hop, singer-songwriter, country – you name it, they’ve got it. They go as broad as mixbuss processing, and as focused as how to get a good-sounding snare drum. I guarantee there’s something in there for you to take away from.

Links: | YouTube

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5. Ian Shepherd

The Home Mastering Guy! Also a Brit! (We Americans are easily entertained)

Fair warning, there are a few things in Ian’s lessons that went straight over my head the first time I watched and read them. But hunker down, pay attention, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. The majority of Ian’s blog posts and videos are geared toward mastering, but the information is incredibly useful for mixing as well. I try to get my mixes sounding as close to record-ready as I can so when it comes to mastering, all I have to focus on is the volume, and maybe a few subtle EQ moves.

Ian also runs Dynamic Range Day, a movement whose goal is to fight against The Loudness Wars, and bring back energy and dynamics to recorded music.

Links: | YouTube

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